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Slang for the far Eastside of Cleveland, Ohio.

Up The Way is the area of Cleveland thats East of 105th street (excluding the SE side, but some include it). Includes the neighborhoods of: Forest Hills, North and South Collinwood, Euclid-Green, and part of Glenville. For those that include the SE side east of 93rd, include: Woodland Hills, Buckeye-Shaker, Mt. Pleasant, Union-Miles Park Corlett, Lee-Miles.
The rapper Ray Cash is from Up The Way, Euclid and Torbenson (near Cliffview Projects) to be exact.
by uptheway216 May 20, 2010
Jail, prison, some general place
1. Hey what happened to your boy, Dre?

Awww Mike, he got sent up the way.

2. Where is the house?

it's just up the way a bit.
by DonB3ngezo June 19, 2009

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