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A talented rapper who not only writes his own lyrics but arranges his own songs and albums. He hopes to be respected as a true rapper whos lyrics are what he calls "real" meaning that his lyrics are true, and not just made up or writted by a record company. Ray Cash is a hardcore rap artist who comes from the "Hill", a dangerous area in Cleveland, Ohio and wishes to bring originality and truth to the rap community. Comparisons would be Nas, SunN.Y, Ice Cube, and Scarface (one of the 3 rappers in the Geto Boyz rap group). Ray Cash used to be a drug dealer in his home town until he was given a record deal from Jay-Z and Columbia records. He says that he doesnt want his fans just to hear his music, but to relate to it. Cash is an only child, who still talks about the violence he would see on the streets everyday. However he says that he was introduced to rap from the streets, and claims to be very thankful.
"I dont just accept what is on the radio, which is not always real, and my approach is to make the game as real as possible."

-Ray Cash


Jamal: Hey have you heard Bumpin' My Music by Ray Cash?
Marcus: Yeah, thats some gangsta shit nigga.
by Jermaine J August 03, 2006
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