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In a first person view the conflict of not being able to function properly due to use of drugs.
I was way too unsober and kept on unsobering as i flew into heaven at night.
by DC423 November 22, 2010
1 sin. Drunk

2 Unsobering

The act of getting unsober = drinking.
1. i think i'm a little unsober... floor
2. We were unsobering a little bit and that's when we crashed the car.
by DomPerignon January 19, 2010
The opposite of sober. When you have some mind-altering substance within you but not enough to be considered "high" or "drunk" and are still functional.
"Wanna get drunk?"
"Naw, I have to work tomorrow. But I could get a little unsober!"
by Jovet_hunter February 19, 2014
It refers to psycho-physiological condition in which you can barely keep your eyes open and walk straight due to no sleep and excess alcohol and still end up assisting people with their stuff.
When flying from New Orleans to Detroit, i managed to help people out with issues regarding their tickets and luggage which proves i was unsober and not drunk. Lol.
by Sushi S. August 04, 2008
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