A girl/boy that looks good from far away. But, when you get up close....HELL NAW!
Dave: DAMN! look at that fine girl!
Coop: Oooo!..(walks closer to her)... NOO!
Dave: Was that girl an uno?
Coop: ...yup.
by Shay M Vizzle July 14, 2008
An activity that regularly occurs within the walls of Washoe Couty Jail (Par). Though, the lucky people who have never been confined to Par, we can only assume it's sodomy on a mass scale.
Josh- Yeah, jail wasn't so bad. My roomate and I played Uno all day long.

Charlie- Um, that's um, disturbing, I hope I never get sent to Par and play fuckin' uno all day.

Josh- It's not as bad as it sound once you take it long enough.
by Sir Charles of Reno July 28, 2007
in the sorry event a lad is 2 lose a bollock, he is to be left with an 'Uno'
"Craig Brown ffs put your Uno away, thats the thrid time this lesson"
by Ort September 28, 2004
pat ogrady a kid in oceanside new york who lives on mout ave. ( beacause he had sugurey on hs balls and the doctor cut his left nut off.
he got kicked in the balls by a kid in fourth grade.
by joe polchinski March 23, 2005
a great muse fan website run by Steve - see uno definition 1 and Hannah - see uno definition 2
Hey, let's all go to UNO!
by lovinprooftreeman April 08, 2005
Uno Yahme- a solo act reffering to stylist endevores of a New York kid rippin it up on the microphone with sick freestyles and guitar punches, also known as number one.

Uno Yahme- /u~no what I mean/
Uno-you know
And yes I have both balls
by Uno Yahme November 17, 2006
abrv.- Unless Otherwise Noted
All sizes shown are typical, UNO
by Archangel1313 August 21, 2006

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