A subtle way, usually used by men, to indicate an attractive woman in the vicinity without being caught.
UNO, 3 o'clock. Check out the Uno at the copy machine. I'd like to play Uno with her.
by FrayedEnds/MexanBlood October 20, 2009
to go somewhere alone wit a female and sexual intercourse
yo im bout to go to this chick house and play uno
by Paul Goodin July 05, 2007
unos is called to recieve the first hit on a marijuana smoking device. ie. blunt, pipe, bong
drew: aight man, i bought the shit. i call unos.
bobby: aight dawg. i get deuces
tyler: i guess that leaves me with trips
by drizzle hizzle January 23, 2007
Amazingly handsome person, who is a gift from the gods! Also is a term for a perfect person.
steph: "Oh, wow! that guy's an Uno! He's everything i want! I dont want a guy like aids!"
by John Salmons January 02, 2009
a term used for sex when one ore more partners are screaming loud enough for neighbors to hear
man i played uno last night and it was the best ever
by mr black cat September 19, 2009
The ending of a conversation. The spanish version of one.
Yo, im out. Uno.
by DB son May 05, 2009
anything you want
my house is uno. my car is uno. my dog is uno. my uno is uno uno uno.
by kitty-meow June 28, 2009

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