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(noun) UW for short. A large collection of nerds big enough to promote misleading facts about the actual intelligence of the average person belonging to that collection.
Kevin: I'm going to study math at the University of Waterloo after I graduate high school because it's renowned for its math program.

Jake: Being a nerd doesn't mean you're intelligent Kevin!
by Shittalker February 10, 2010
A self claimed prestigious university located in Ontario, Canada. Students graduated from UW could only become high school teachers, and they are taught the fact that they've attended the best university in North America. This is a viscious cycle because these high school teachers in turn brainwash teenagers for four years, and convice them to attend to UW, which is basically how the university stays in business. This method of attaining applications is a remarkable achievement, because UW has a history of merely 50 years and has already made itself the best university in Canada. Ironically, it achieved nothing academic.
Things like war in Iraq, anal sex procreation, and paris hilton are good examples of university of waterloo
by UW sucks February 09, 2007
A horribly overrated, poorly located, atrociously designed school. It's only strength lies in it's engineering prowess, specifically the fields of electrical and computer engineering. Any student who attends this university for any reason other than engineering is blind to the fact that they are utterly wasting their time and money.

Waterloo kids constantly remind anyone who will listen that the school enjoys a healthy relationship with microsoft as a "secret recruiting ground" because that ancient fact is essentially it's only claim to fame.

Students of the school also enjoy making reference to a horribly overdrawn exaggeration in that the school is "The MIT of the North", possibly because they are really stupid enough to believe so, or because they have been shut off from the outside world because of the school's horrendously unfavourable location.

In reality, among Canadian universities, the school sits comfortably in the middle of the pack.
friend 1: So, I'm going to U of T next year. What about you?

friend 2: I was accepted at Waterloo for math, so I'm definitely going there. It's a Canadian Ivy!

friend 1: Sometimes I can't believe we're even friends.
by Jason January 01, 2005
The M.I.T of the Great White North.
University of Waterloo is one of the top ten research universities in Canada.
by UWAdmirer August 06, 2003
If you ain't in University of Waterloo (UW) for engineering or some other nerdy stuff like that, you're misusing your money and time, but not necessarily wasting it. UW will also bore you to death. It's a pit where only nerds thrive. That is the price UW is paying to making it to the top in such a short time (less than 60 years).

The accolades in ranking for UW speak for themselves:

-> 2012 Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU) ranking: UW ranked 2nd in Canada and 43rd in the world (for the field of engineering, technology and computer sciences)

-> 2012 Business Insider rankings: UW ranked 1st in Canada and 29th in the world (in the list of top engineering schools)

-> 2013-2014 Times Higher Education rankings: UW ranked 4th in Canada and 67th in the world (for the field of technology and engineering)

-> 2013 QS World University rankings: UW ranked 2nd in Canada and 46th in the world (for the field of engineering)

-> 2013 QS World University rankings: UW ranked 2nd in Canada and 27th in the world (in the specific field of computer science and information systems)
Not even 60 years old and university of waterloo is already kicking ass!!

by Boss_true_talk October 17, 2013
Ranked by Maclean's Magazine as the #1 University in Canada. Major Faculty is Engineering. Located in the City of Waterloo, Ontario.
University of Waterloo just up the Street from Wilfrid Laurier High School
by _Ron_ June 19, 2005
The university of choice for a Canadian degree in Mathematics, Engineering or a Double Honors Degree. Entering average >90% (exceeds 90% for those that attend U of T and cannot understand mathematical symbols). Students who attend the University of Waterloo will graduate with a degree, knowledge and a career. U of T graduates graduate because their daddy bought them the degree. Go to the University of Waterloo if you want to be someone's boss, not a U of T clerk. Even the Warriors football team is better than U of T's.
"I got into the U of T but was not accepted into the University of Waterloo."

U of T student to U of W student: "Transcendentals? I made out with one accidentally at the bar once, I was wasted."
by Zeno's Paradox's October 26, 2009
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