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1)America as seen by basically anyone over twelve and under 25.
2)Responding to everything with very simple open-ended phrases like whatever, that's cool, or yo.
3)A very funny song by Liam Lynch that captures pure teen angst.
I was at the beach and I saw Kiki, and she was like euwhh, and I was like whatever. This is my united states of whatever.
by JimLad November 18, 2005
"Whatever." Allusion to Liam Lynch's (of Sifl and Olly) song "United States of Whatever".
You know what, if you can't even take 2 minutes to take a look at that, it's my United States of Whatever.
by MoonKnight February 26, 2003
awesome song.
yeah, i was walking down the street and this guys like "hey you can't do that!"..."Yea...WHATEVER!"
by DEE June 03, 2003
cool song
i love it
horny kind of love is better though
cool poo
by meat stupid June 02, 2003
Breeder song.

Those breeders who sing that should make their own country called the united states of copulation.

by Breeder June 05, 2003
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