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Slang term originated in Philadelphia, aslo used in the NYC.
ACTUAL MEANING DUMBASSES: prompt(being ready and quick to act); this term is used as an after thought, to portray the urgency of a sitaution.
That nigga betta have my shit, or Ima fuck his ass up! EARLY!!
by Dee November 11, 2003
(n.) nasty ho who has no talent and wouldn't sell one copy of her album if she didn't prance around naked on T.V.
People need to keep appreciating talented artists like TLC and Lauryn Hill and need to turn off that beyonce bitch's music
by Dee November 09, 2003
A form of expression used similar to damn, expressing a good feeling but frustration as well.
"oof...that chick is hot"
by Dee February 20, 2005
Someone we can all make fun of, even blondes.
That blonde is making fun of herself because she just read the urban dictionary definition.
by Dee April 16, 2004
Getting beat up in a fun way; people that like punk rock music run around in a circle and crash into each other for fun.
Me and my friend had a mosh pit at the Ramones concert. =D
by Dee June 12, 2004
A Christain who sees nothing wrong in threatening, and or killing another who disagrees with their beliefs or opinions.
Bombing Abortion clinics. Killing Doctors, Murdering gays, torturing ect. (Sounds like a terrorist dont it?) Christholes tend to live online, and will pass judgment on anyone who challenges them.
by Dee March 02, 2005
a greeting. as in hello or hi. common in the Nottm area of UK and the Midlands. is often followed by the word 'me duck'.
Ayup me duck. hows your mam?
by dee October 13, 2003

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