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Word to describe yourself when you are feeling in need of a sexual and or romantic relationship. Most commonly used when referring a want to be with one of the opposite sex.
Similar to "Horny," However unisexual is used when you are not in direct contact with a person who could be of romantic/sexual interest to you.
Girl who has no boyfriend to friend: "You and (boyfriend) are so good together. I feel so unisexual!"
by supasecretbutterfly November 28, 2010
Person who only "does" themself.
"She's not bisexual or heterosexual. She only does herself which makes her unisexual".
by Linda June 16, 2004
One who is not heterosexual, homosexual, or bisexual. This person is what they call fun, and will try anything once.
"When I was with her, she tried everything at least once. She told me she was uni."
by Alexa December 08, 2004
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