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When a guy secures a strap-on to the top of his head and follows up by having sex with a girl, with said strap-on.
I would enjoy to try unicorn-style on thunder baby
by thequeergang28 August 02, 2010
Noun: A sexual position in which one partner secures a strap on to the front of their head (where the horn on a unicorn is). They then get on all fours and stick the strap on in the second partner.
Unicorn Style: Bet you want to try it now
by B0B S4G3T November 27, 2009
When a person places a strap-on dildo on their head and use it to fuck someone else in the ass or vagina
Yo, i fucked this girl Unicorn Style last night, she LOVEDDD it!!
by Snack'em August 03, 2010