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The nameless faceless University dredge. A Uni-Drone will usually fall into one of 2 categories.

1. Students who spend 50% of their time getting drunk, and the other 50% talking about how drunk they were.

2. Students who consider themselves witty and well-educated, quote "Family Guy" at regular intervals and think that liking Faulty Towers or a similar old British comedy series is grounds for Knightship. Considers themselves part of a very elite clique. Usually quiet away from said clique.
Uni-Drone A: God, I was soo pissed last night.
Uni-Drone B: I was so pissed, I can't even remember how pissed I was.
Bartender: Time Gentlemen Please!

Uni-Drone 1: And then Stewie says "Silene Foolish Woman"
Uni-Drone 2: We're hillariously funny. Let's go for coffee and act as if we're addicted to it.
by Jackelrayn November 01, 2006
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