The act of a person giving a reach around, from behind, to a male by going underneath his gouche and up.This allows for stroking of his shaft, ever so gently.
When they were dancing at the scuz, she gave him the undertaker.
by El Dezro February 23, 2010
The former alias of the superhuman butcher, commonly known only as Figs. He slices, dices, and gets marriage proposals from illegal immigrants from Russia.
Undertaker, the butcher from jersey has possible connections to the mob and will end you with a filet knife.
by Machiavelli D'Antoniolliario October 19, 2006
The man who is the best WWE legend.Also known as Deadman INC,American Bad A%$,The Phenom n the 7foot missle.The guy who whooped evry gr8 wrestlers' a%$e$$ at WrestleMania-the grand daddy of all the PPV.The man who has won a magnificent record 13-o at WrestleMania.The man who will nvr evr lose at WrestleMania.The man who deals wit the dark side.The man nt 2 b messed wit.The man who will bury u alive.The man 2 b reckoned wit.The man whose legendary legacy will nvr evr die.He iz the one n only THE UNDERTAKER!!!!!
frnd:who do u tink iz da best wretsler in the world
i:UNdertaker u stoopid maggot head freak.he has nvr evr lost a single WrestleMania match!!!
by abhizzle_dogg October 07, 2005
Someone who takes underpants, often as a trophy after a sexual encounter
When the trick had to leave in a hurry, he had to go commando, another victim of the undertaker
by underfreek November 26, 2007
The person who should kill Edge.
Undertaker lost One Night Stand and is fired from the WWE
by fishboyultra June 09, 2008
A KingsOfChaos player started in Age 2, joined a clan, started a revolution took over the clan, Became a top player and played top 20 account in age 3 beta finished #7 & Best belgian player in age 3! and is out for blood once again!!
UnderTakeR- a Belgian KoC player
by Elite Gaming network. March 16, 2005
The greatest wrestler of all time who is 15 and 0 at wrestlemania.
The half brother of Kane.
DUDE! Undertaker totally owned Edge at Backlash!!
by Kanefan95 July 10, 2008

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