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A girl that seems like the girl next door, just a normal girl. But, when she gets with guys/girls she goes all the way.
Jim:I thought Stephanie wasn't like that.
Boris:Nah man, when I got with her, DAYUMMMMMM! she was an undercover slut!
#girl #typical #normal #crazy #slut
by BIRDMAN. October 01, 2005
A girl who one would not assume gets with a lot of guys (whether because she is weird, nerdy, or just really nice) but in reality has hooked-up with half the school.
Bob: That Mindy girl's pretty cute, she seems really smart though. I wonder if she'd get with you.

Joe: Dude, she's an undercover slut. She gets with everyone!
#nerd #cute #ugly #prude #horny
by M.C. Skizzlet September 02, 2010
An Undercover Slut is a guy or girl who seems quite innocent and maybe even a bit prude but is actually a sexual deviant when given the chance to be. Being that the person is generally quiet and reserved about said deviancy, it's quite surprising when they reveal their true colors and you often find yourself very, VERY intrigued and wanting more. Just remember that they are, in fact, undercover, and have to uphold their mild-mannered alter-ego when exposed to the general public, and you must respect that. Also, don't assume that they've hooked up with tons of people- most Undercover Sluts like to reserve their sluttiness as to keep it meaningful and, obviously, undercover.
It's sort of like when the chick in the movie takes off her glasses and pulls her hair down and straddles you and you get the idea.
Guy 1: "Hey, you know that chick Gracie?"
Guy 2: "The one who always gets like, really good grades? Yeah, what about her?"
Guy 1: "That party last night, dude... You wouldn't be able to tell, but she is a MAJOR Undercover Slut."
Guy 2: "Oh my god, really? Wow... I never would have guessed it.. That's awesome."
Guy 1: "Yeah, but don't tell anyone man."
#slut #deviant #sexy #surprising #innocent
by SwaggieG September 08, 2013
A girl/boy who appears very innocent but is a huge slut on booze/ behind closed doors
Lucy is such an undercover slut, who knew she's fucked every lad in the village
#slut #undercover #shy #devil #quiet
by Potatosmugler69 August 15, 2015
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