Tight fitting clothing to keep your ass warm in cold conditions, or cold in warm conditions
Under Armour (UA) Cold Gear keeps you warm, UA Warm Gear keeps you cold, UA All Season keeps you cold and warm
by Skare October 21, 2005
clothes that athletes wear under their jerseys to "keep warm"...costs a shitload
this is soo cool...says the girl with under armour
by cooldude24 October 29, 2006
Lightweight performance apparel popularized in the breakdown by Big E and his iron pumping friends, including JT the rookie and Coach. They participate in a supervised after-hours tackling club in a warehouse, and do not appreciate Cheese stopping by in a Cotton XXL shirt. They started this thing and are just trying to prevent everyone from bringing them down.
The house is paramount
Will you protect this house?
I will I will
Under Armour!
by Dan November 24, 2003

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