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The wrong way to spell indecisive.
Me: "Whats the first letter of indecisive?"

You: "Uhhh, a U? Undecisive. Its on urban dictionary like that."

Me: "Your an idiot."
by WhatALittleSmartyPants January 29, 2011
49 29
(Uhn-dis-ice-ive) To undo that which one has decided; to change ones decisions; Fickle; irresolute
She had chosen regular beer, but being undecisive as she is she then opted to drink light.
by MunkeyNoodle June 24, 2009
17 35
Not willing to make a choice due to lack of opinion, or just not caring.
Alan never choses where we go to eat because anywhere is fine with him, he's so undecisive.
by alanimal August 06, 2009
11 32