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A person who has acted upon an individual, who is unaware of the means of the situation, with a dirty sexual intension.
"Uncle Bad Touch, Why is your lap So Lumpy?"
by UncleBadTouch April 17, 2006
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Your creepy uncle that always seems to want a grope-hug and tells you to sit on his lap. The one everybody feels awkward around ever since he took little Susie under the stairs at last year's family reunion.
Man, Mike seems like a real Uncle Bad Touch. He's pretty creepy.
by Misha Pilsudski December 27, 2010
someone gives a generally creepy feeling to most people around him when they communicate or are even in there presence.

Or have actual proof and or a witness of them committing some kind of behavior that is generally perceived as creepy,perverted,vile in some sexual context.
Dude I swear to god I heard your roomate prowling round the panties draws in your girlfriends room as soon as you guys left today.He's acting Like a UncleBadTouch".

"Did you hear how that UncleBadTouch was hitting on me! I'm so grossed out I'm gonna go home and shower cause how creeped out I am".
by xtangle February 05, 2010

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