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Originally used to describe white persons who appeared to hold 'anti-Caucasian' biases or viewpoints, it now applies to all males who seem to embrace opinions that oppose or denigrate any group to which they obviously belong (i.e. gender, weight, religion, creed, hair color, social class, etc.)

Gender roles: A man who argues for and holds the opinions that are usually expected of a militant 'anti-male' woman. He is considered an 'enabler' or 'yes man' to an extreme version of feminism, despite being male himself. Not to be confused with a male who supports equal rights or gender equality, this person takes an 'male bashing" mindset to the extreme.
That guy is always saying "Men are pigs" or "Men can't be trusted", what is he? An Uncle Tim?
by OxfordGrad85 June 08, 2014
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Whites who challenge white racism and white supremacy.

The term originated in poor faith towards a white anti-racist activist Tim Wise.
That guy is challenging my racist behavior, and he's white too!?! What an Uncle Tim!

Does he hate white people?
by MastersDegreeTeeHee June 08, 2010

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