the most ridiculous thing you have ever heard.
Simon Cowell "gifts" a BMW two days before the principle of a power of attorney clause dies.
"Man, that's unbelievable!!!"
by SluttySlutterSlutfacedFlaffer April 20, 2009
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1.) Not Believable.
2.) Something that is so ass-tounding that it is made out to be not believable.
3.) Richard's Word
"I can't find my fork!", Said Bob!
"That's Unbelievable", Reacted Richard.
by sheeps September 09, 2003
describes those situations when you juts can't understand why someone or something can't do or see the blindingly obvious.

word for the jaw droppingly stupid
why is it a fly can have 200 eyes and still not find its way out of a room?
by screech April 24, 2004
Something that is very hard to believe
Son: "Daddy, a cow fell on top of me!"
Father: "That is unbelievable!"
by meggiemoo123 March 24, 2015
The most non-commital response to a question.
Person 1: Hey man how's it going?

Person 2: unbelievable!

It's totally up to the interpretation of the recipient as to what they think it means. May be the best or may be the worst!
by Higginbothamt March 08, 2010
1.) Luke & his girlfreind NOT getting into a big ass argument about stupid shit.
2.) Luke not looking at porn for a day.
3.) Luke logging off WoW to fuck his grilfriend.
4.) How to describe something that happens which springs the though, "no fucking way. Stop bull-shitting me."
"I fucked Chirs in the ass," Luke says.
"That's not incredibly unbelievable," Jill replies.
by Jill Job December 26, 2007
The best song of all time by Biggie Smalls.
That song Unbeliavable is the tightest song on that tight album Ready to Die.
by Biggie Smalls October 26, 2003
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