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An exclaimation made usually out of anger, frustration or excitement. Unbelievabitch is commonly used to express disbelief resulting from a particularly unexpected or unbelievable event.
1. Son: Dad, I passed my chemistry test.
Dad: Wow! That's unbelievabitch, son, well done!

2. Daughter: (running into the house) Mom, there are alien spaceships outside and they want to invade Earth!
Mother: What did I tell about talking shit you lying little sporne of satan?! Huh? I'll send you striaght back to hell if you say one more retarded thing!
Brother: (looking outside through a window) Unbelievabitch! Mom, the little retard is telling the truth.
#retard #satan's sporne #little #mother #shit
by Lubz95 September 17, 2012
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