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A cool red and silver Japanese superhero from Nebula M-78, the Land of Light, who beats the everliving crud out of big rubber monsters. Since 1966, there have been some 16 spinoffs and counting.
Ultraman is the coolest!
by Jules Carrozza September 17, 2003
A kick ass superhero that blows monsters into shit!
Ultraman Forever
by UM4EVER November 29, 2003
A superhero kind of guy who stands up to bullies.
(like the sci-fi tv show hero)
Alex is an ultraman.
by Spitfire Lady March 13, 2015
a man that only comes out when gilbey's vodka is around
friday nights at Casey's house are no fun without Ultraman
by Hergenshmergen August 07, 2008

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