Quite possibily the worst game ever invented. For people that are worthless, and good at nothing else. No skill necessary, no refs, or anything else that defines a sport.
"I would rather eat skunk shit than play ultimate frisbee."
by shitbrain October 28, 2008
Played mostly at underfunded schools and invented by Hippies(myth).
The invention of this great sport goes to the americans this time.
Canada 3
Confucius says China has 1

Basically American Football minus: Contact, running with the ball, masculinity, Refs, Drunk fans, sober fans, Fans in general, skill, a ball(substituted with a frisbee), equipment, Tv Coverage, Plays that work, alcahol(if substituted, subbed in with POT).
The few who like it, like it alot. The many who dislike it have very good reason too.
Ultimate frisbee requires 2 things, You and a frisbee. A field and friends to play it with are optional.
by Pvt.Parts November 07, 2006
A suck-ass poorman's version of a "sport" for all the kids who couldn't run, couldn't jump, couldn't throw, couldn't catch, couldn't remember plays, and were generally too unathletic to play with the rest of the kids during recess. Eventually they got together a invented a game that required only enough skill to reach out and grab a disc as it hovers in front of you. Running with it is no longer allowed, and even the slightest wind makes the game unplayable. The mechanics of the game are soo easy that players try to make it more interessting by catching between their legs or behind their back. This rivals the difficulty of say, tying your shoes, something that frisbee players probably can't do(hippies dont wear shoes).
Gu: hey dawg, want to scrimm with some flying novelty disc? duuude?
Mark: no, I'm too good for your garbage sport for losers.
*Gu walks away realizing he has wasted his life playing ultimate frisbee...
by derrrrrrrr April 16, 2008
There is no denying that this is the gayest sport ever designed... I even play the bastard and I know it's queer.

Imagine an american football park without the posts and you've got your pitch. No contact (gay) no refs (need to be honest) and no movement with the disc. You need to pass it between your team mates to an opponents end zone without the opposition intercepting the disc. There's the basics.

Anyway onto the gayness, ultimate players believe in "spirit" which is basically not being a knob when you're playing and being fair. It also involves not showing off when you win, something I'll never ever be able to do.

You also have to sit at the end of a game and talk about it (GAY!) even if you win by loads or get pumped. There's no escaping it either, believe me I've tried. You then take turns to do "calls" which are basically mini games, sometimes they are fun but mostly they are shit.

There is nothing worse than having to be nice to a team of dicks or doing a call at the end of a tournament when you're exhausted (typically a tournament is sat/sun with games spaced out 9-5)

Also ultimate players tend to shun good fun sports like Football (soccer to idiots, fitbaw to Gods) and make claims like "that ball is the wrong shape" STUPID
When playing a team who tried to cheat us I had to do the talk at the end of the game, I told them that we hated them, that is an ultimate frisbee no no

Take calls out of ultimate frisbee, much more fun that way
by Kieren and Grae July 04, 2006
gayest sport ever. played by those who have tendencies to spend 6 hours at a time playing "D & D" and flicking girls in french class.
g-ham:we're playing ultimate frisbee at lunch!!!:)
by MowMowMow January 09, 2006

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