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1 definition by derrrrrrrr

A suck-ass poorman's version of a "sport" for all the kids who couldn't run, couldn't jump, couldn't throw, couldn't catch, couldn't remember plays, and were generally too unathletic to play with the rest of the kids during recess. Eventually they got together a invented a game that required only enough skill to reach out and grab a disc as it hovers in front of you. Running with it is no longer allowed, and even the slightest wind makes the game unplayable. The mechanics of the game are soo easy that players try to make it more interessting by catching between their legs or behind their back. This rivals the difficulty of say, tying your shoes, something that frisbee players probably can't do(hippies dont wear shoes).
Gu: hey dawg, want to scrimm with some flying novelty disc? duuude?
Mark: no, I'm too good for your garbage sport for losers.
*Gu walks away realizing he has wasted his life playing ultimate frisbee...
by derrrrrrrr April 16, 2008