A response if asked an "incredibly complex question".And then responding while trying to make it seem as if knowing exactly what your talking about while adding 'uh?' after every 3rd word or so.
'The complications...Uh?...with the Dali Lama's passport and visa authorization...Uh?...to visit Desmond Tutu for his birthday...Uh?...was found to be...Uh?...SOMEWHERE...within the Department of Home Affairs...Uh?....yes.'

(Mostly used by South African politicians, political youth leaders, people that believes in nationalizing mines and the rest of them filling up the parliament pretending to know what their talking about.Also seen very frequently when politicians addresses the media or any investigative organization as if the person who wrote their speech wrote very badly and fast. )
by IcurusKainHelios November 30, 2011
You, give me your full attention immediately. I am about to speak, and even now I am thinking of what I will say. You would be well advised to closely listen to me.
"Good morning. How are you?"

"Uh, where is the report you were assigned that was due yesterday?"

"Uh, I put it in your inbox two days ago."
by A.H.Z. April 24, 2006
Stands for University of Houston, vastly known as a commuter school with students who couldn't give a shit about school spirit or even admitting they attend there. Mostly comprised of people who flunked or "partied" out of a real school, people who couldn't get in to a real school, people too scared to go to a real school, people too poor to move away, people who went away but couldn't bear the thought of not being close to their significant other who couldn't make it at a real school, adults returning to school, unexplainable attendees, and Asians.

Famous UH drop outs/grads: Randy and Dennis Quaid, Ken Lay, Fred Couples, Clyde Drexler, and a few other people you don't give a shit about.
Person 1: So where are you going to school?
Person 2: UH.
Person 1: Oh. So couldn't make it in a real school?
Person 2: No, actually I just wanted to come back to be closer to my boyfriend who couldn't make it in a real school.
by evapor8ed March 22, 2006
The noise one makes when something surprising; exciting; random; stupid; etc. happens.
Person 1:
"Dude I just got laid!"

Person 2:


Person 1:
"Your moms in a bottle."

Person 2:
by Sean McMurray December 11, 2009
a gibberish wordused when thinking.
Uh, I dunno know about this stupid shitty funny money. Yeeeaaah. The skills. Roller coasters rock.
by FunnyMoney July 11, 2006
THe phrase used to fill time while preparing your answer to what you just heard, also a word used to pretend you did not hear something in order for them to repeat giving you time to figure it out...
Tim: Oi, Steve, that looks like you in this picture with my sister naked?

Steve: Uh...

Tim: Who the fucks that in this picture of my sister man

Steve: Dont ask me man i didnt even know you had a sister, as if id wear a fag shirt like that anyways..

Tim: haha, yeah, guess your right

by tron_t March 05, 2006
University of Hawaii. Best school in the nation with THE BEST volleyball team since EVER!!!!
Whoa dude UH is the fucking best school in ther universe.

I know my mommy went there.
by Stephen Baldwin April 24, 2005

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