Somebody usually uses the term "Uh" when they are being sarcastix towards someone/thing:
Tommy : "Ohh Joel you're such a geek!"
Joel : "Uh!"
by gangsta 4lyfe March 02, 2005
What your mom screamed last night as a slowly eased my penis into her tightly bound vagina.
OMG Scott!! Stick you're throbbing cock inside of me!! UH!!!
1.A buffer word used to stall
2. A verbal reflex used to create time to think
3. Can sometimes replace the word (not letter) 'a' depending on your accent
1. Person 1: You came home late. What were you doing last night?

Person 2: Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....
2. Person 1: What's two plus two?

Person 2: Two plus two? Uh, four...I think.
3. "I went to get uh bag of apples from the store."
by Domo Girl January 14, 2015

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