1. Victory, i'm the greatest, can u hear me?!
2. Good, so thats awkward
3. greeting some one
1. Uh? have some of that you cunt!
2. Yeh so it was like, uh?
3. Uh?
by Chafers April 05, 2005
Somebody usually uses the term "Uh" when they are being sarcastix towards someone/thing:
Tommy : "Ohh Joel you're such a geek!"
Joel : "Uh!"
by gangsta 4lyfe March 02, 2005
What your mom screamed last night as a slowly eased my penis into her tightly bound vagina.
OMG Scott!! Stick you're throbbing cock inside of me!! UH!!!
added to the end of things toddlers scream when they are upset
dumbass child: mom, can we go get ice cream?
mom: no we've already been twice today and you've got chocolate all over your shirt jesus christ bobby get a fucking job and wash your own damn clothes
dumbass child: PLEASE-UH!
by justfuckmeUP March 12, 2016
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