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Ugg-Face: a girl, usually at a college or university... and most likely from New Jersey... who wears Ugg Boots and North Face literally everyday during cold weather... Ugg Boots, check
North Face Fleece Jacket, check...
"Hey, check out that Ugg-Face over there! She's hot!"
"Which one?"
"The one with the jeans tucked in her boots, she is lookin wicked good"
"Yo, Bro, thats like 20 different girls... which one"
"Na, nevermind, shes a butterface ugg-face"
by Ugged Out January 19, 2010
Those sorority girls who wear ugg boots and northface jackets on a college campus, along with sweatpants and bedhead. An oxymoran because they are typically very attractive.
Did you see that ugg-face walking to class wearing the hot pink sweatpants.
by thecichlidpleco February 24, 2010
The simultaneous wear of Ugg boots and a North Face jacket. Commonly, an UggFace will tuck her pants into her boots.
Tiffany, Julie, and Eden were visiting the mall when they observed a group of UggFaces enter Victoria's Secret.
by MrChocolateShakes January 13, 2012
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