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In Igbo (a language spoken by the Ibo people in Nigeria), the name "Uchenna" translates to mean "God's thoughts". It's very powerful name indeed.
It is a unisex name (i.e. for both male and females).
"Uchenna di nma". In english, this sentence in igbo would mean, "God's thoughts are good".
by Uchenna Ebilah April 04, 2004
tha realest one. somebody u can talk to bout whateva. a great friend. somebody who is jus themself an nobody else.
'Uchenna is real chill, i wish he was my friend.'
by Uchenna's friend January 20, 2004
Some random black kid that came to canada floating on a door
Ex. Wow that guy pulled a Uchenna
by Adtosyd April 21, 2006