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Noun: Acronym: "Useless bastard(s) in car"; any job ancillary to a company, local council/city hall etc involving driving about all day telling others what to do but not doing any real work oneself; invariably a peripatetic post acquired through grace and favour.
I hear Harry isn't on the shop floor anymore. He's becoming a ubic covering all the branches of the factory.
by Dracpack December 16, 2014
A mix between epic and uber
Boy: That is so epic
Girl: no it's uber!
Boy: I think we'll call it ubic!
by lolwut1233214 July 06, 2011
Contraction for the words Uber and Epic.
Honey on vanilla ice cream is an UBIC combination.
by TheBlade0609 October 20, 2011

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