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high-end marijuana that is prepared to perfection.
Man, we usually smoke that dank, but this is that uber dank!
by Davey Danger December 19, 2005
23 5
Way cool, rictorly stellar. like Grayson, John, and Reece.
Dood Grand Turismo 4 is uberdank.
by Reece,John,Grayson February 23, 2005
8 2
really high grade weed. super smelly and skunky green buds which paralyze the human brain. the absolute best marijuana in the area.
yo dude, I got those uberdanks.
Man, Jimmy and me got obliterated on those uberdanks last night.
It's 50 an 8th for uberdanks.
by MastaBlasta420 September 20, 2009
0 0