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Someone who is a SUPER twat basically.
Guy 1: Hey you know what he said to me yesterday?

Guy 2: What!?

Guy 1: That I bummed off his mum!

Guy 2: Jeheez what an uber twat
by Ladiishox October 25, 2009
The absolute best example of a female dickhead.
That Ginger is an uber twat, she seems nice but screws you over at every opportunity.
by The Whole Fricking Globe August 12, 2008
The hyphenated version of uber twat, which actually makes this a twice uber'ed twat...
Uber twat cannot even describe Ginger, she actually managed to fuck over the entire world just by being born... That would make her an uber-twat.
by The Whole Fricking Globe August 12, 2008
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