Emoticon/Smiley face,
n/u = :
_ = )

The more underlining there is, the more happier, or sadder (hence u_u) you are.

Similar to :( and v_v
I just found my brother raping my cat u______u

I failed my biology A level u_u

You make me happy n___n
by Holly March 24, 2008
Top Definition
Smiley meaning that you are sad or disappointed.
ExampleGuy1 (12:00 PM): I hate you.
ExampleGuy2 (12:01 PM): U_U
by The All-Knower December 28, 2004
Asian themed smiley ^_^
Used in chatrooms to emote disappointment.
Usually placed at the end of a statement to reinforce the disappointment, or sent by itself in connection with the disappointment or irritation.
Sometimes adding a ' to emphasized a sweat mark like in anime.
"chatter: Needless to say today was not a good day. U_u"
"chatter001: My bum smells like cheese
chatter002: ...,I cannot believe you just said that U_u'"
by cleffie82 September 04, 2006
abreviation for the religion Unitarian Universilism.
Hey do you go to the U_U church?
by yokobean December 15, 2005

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