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UTROX which means "United TRolls Of eXtermination".
It's one of the trolling groups of youtube.
Was created by melniXofia at October 06, 2010.
melniXofia is not only the leader but also the designer of the group itself.Group allways upgraded,includes logo upgrading
also UTROX style is based on gas masks & radiation.
Group is divided to squads which called on monster names.Each squad contains a General which must have a very high moral for the group,also the squads include other ranks.

main page you can find here:

Days before UTROX:
At the first days of the group inventing,it called NAWDAL,
then it was upgraded to TAR.
At the end it's name was decided to be called "UTROX".

UTROX first days:
When UTROX finally came out,it was not easy to invite trolls and keep such a new group like that standing.
But the leader didn't let the creation to fall.

UTROX today:
Group's activity more reminds army activity.
So most of the time UTROX considered as a trolling army.
Number of comrades is growing and most of us have cooperation with each other.
Looking for some troubles?
No mercy on the newfags!
we are "United TRolls Of eXtermination!
we torture youtube!
Chaos above us!
join the chaos,
become the chaos,
spread the chaos!
your feeling is out under our monipulation.

UTROX first emblem:


A newer UTROX emblem:


by melniXofia January 01, 2011
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