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short for "under the gun" in describing your seating position at a poker table.
I folded because he represented strength going all-in UTG.
by Jeff_P May 09, 2006
U.T.G is simply short for Untamed Gurillaz, or Untamed G's the clicque popular in Dallas, Texas
U.T.G 4 lyfe, hoe ass nigga
by Ace Bunnie December 06, 2006
Internet searching acronym: Use The Google. Derived from the use of google.com and "googling" information. Coined from a less than popular United States president (George W Bush).
HOST: I’m curious (President Bush), have you ever googled anybody? Do you use Google?

BUSH: Occasionally. One of the things I’ve UTG'ed is to pull up maps. It’s very interesting to see — I’ve forgot the name of the program — but you get the satellite, and you can — like, I kinda like to look at the ranch. It remind me of where I wanna be sometimes.
by skippysavage September 16, 2009