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University of Texas at Arlington.(or
U T Almost) A medium sized campus in the UT system. It has a cannon and a football stadium named after a professor who still teaches here. But.....It has no football team to blow the cannon for or for the cheerleaders to cheer for and, alas, the stadium is empty.
Hey, you live in texas dont you?
Yeah, I go to college at UT
in Austin?
by Bradford April 25, 2005
38 87
It's just the Japanese word for song.
Her beautiful uta made people feel wonderful.
by SilkyWolfess June 08, 2007
17 6
The University of Tasmania (UTAS) is an international university working out of Tasmania. The University was founded by an Act of the Tasmanian Parliament on 1 January 1890.
As the fourth oldest university in Australia, UTAS are an original 'sandstone' university.
by Flyfish2 December 30, 2010
6 2
UTAS stands for Up The Ass Syndrome. It's when someone is constantly following you around, always up under you, not letting you breathe, not giving you space.
I'm sorry I couldn't come over last night. My girl was giving me a serious case of UTAS!

What's the matter? Is Jerry UTASsing you to death?
by Tim Laurence February 13, 2008
6 3
Acronym for "Up The Ass"
Dude 1: How far did you get with my sister last night?

Dude 2: Fucked her UTA!
by monkeytumble May 07, 2011
9 7
a distinctly Batangueno word from the Philippines; it means laughing so hard you just can't stop for at least a minute straight because it's just really really funny.
There are just some moments that are so beyond the usual LOLs, ROFLs and LMAOs, that you have to use the word 'utas'.
HAHAHAHAHAHA UTAS. Dude, stop it. You're killing me, man. Utas talaga! =))
by yungasosatabi March 18, 2012
2 1
Form of YITAS meaning U Took A Shit. Also see ITASOY. You may also say UFTAS, meaning U Fucking Took a Shit.
Person #1: Dammit! Wut the hell happened in here?
Person #2: UFTAS you bastard!
by uftas pwnage July 06, 2005
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Abbriviation for the Utah Transit Authority. UTA handles mass transit operations along the entire Wasatch Front of Utah serving Davis, Salt Lake, Utah and Weber counties.

UTA has many bus routes in all four counties and also many commuter trains, known as TRAX in downtown Salt Lake City as well as the FrontRunner train which spans a distance from Ogden to downtown Salt Lake.
My car doesn't handle the snow so well, so I took UTA to school today.
by universal_remonster December 30, 2008
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