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Discovered in 2006 by a kid who thinks is a communist. It was perfected through a number of test launches until finally, successful, to achieve enough speed and force to penetrate the victim. Used as a weapon for defense or sometimes to annoy the shit out of a person. A USSR Chinner is launched through a process of a countdown which begins from 3...2....1....Pooofff! Lift Off! The USSR chinner is mainly designed to cause great pain to a persons chin. Symptoms of a person that recieved a USSR chinner is, a person with a hanging jaw or somtimes no jaw at all. If a person sees someone with no jaw at all dont think its cancer that caused the person to lose their jaw, theres always the USSR Chinner.
Dave recieved a USSR Chinner for saying a stupid joke to some of his friends. The next day Dave had no jaw. TOOO BAD.
by USSR Annonymous December 21, 2006
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