The country that is used by the rest of the world as a punching bag. Got a problem? Blame the USA. mostly ripped on by Brits who have nothing better to do and cant admit problems within their own country, Basing all united states citizens off of George bush. While it has the second best economy in the world and the greatest military since the roman empire, these things are overlooked for stereotypes. Contrary to popular belief, it is an amazing country to live in and I personally wouldn't want to live anywhere else.
Fuck this weather has been terrible !

Yea I know, those bloody yanks fucked us over again.


Troll: All americans are fat, ignorant and war-hungry!
Fuck the USA!

Logical person: Umm, have you ever been there?

Troll: Well.. No.. But the BBC told me so it must be true, right?
by Guesswhatimamerican October 18, 2011
The greatest goddamn country on the face of the planet.
USA has been kicking ass and taking names since 1776
The USA are back to back World War Champs
by cjd417 July 23, 2014
A country Urban dictionary hates because they don't let people post anything good about it because they are a bunch of unpatriotic pieces of shit.

-Love USA
by tyev13 April 17, 2013
The greatest fuckin country that will ever exist. Free college, money, and food. We won every war we've been in and our presidents are fuckin heroes. Stopped drillin oil because its bad for the environment so we stole a ton from the Middle East (KILLEM RAGHEAD FUCKIN MUSLIMS). Currently about to invade Russia, Canada and most of the Middle East (except Israel because we love jews). We do not like to be called "America" because mexico is part of "America", we prefer The USA. The British, Muslims, Russians, Germans and anyone to the south of us are NOT welcome. And dont bother invadin us cause we got the best fuckin army in the world! USA USA USA
Europeans: USA USA USA USA
Terrorist: USA USA USA
Communists: USA USA USA
Mexicans: USA USA USA
Looks like everyone wants some of this....
by Johnny Outlaw January 22, 2015
An awesome country that the rest of the world finds real dumb, especially the British who still think they own us but are really just making them selves fell good, (we are the reason the allies won both world wars!)

HAIL TO THE U.S.A. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Raptor 55 May 31, 2010
Best country in the world
screw haters, USA pwned you.
by Metatron8 November 15, 2011

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