An acronym for U R Lost
N00b: Whats a URL
me: URL= U R Lost- Welcome to the Internet
by tothemax June 20, 2007
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Uniform Resource Locator, or basically the
adress for those of you n00bs
as in www.google.com is a fucking URL
by anarchy7 January 24, 2005
An acronym for the term Universal Resource Locater. The url of website is the address you type in your web browser to go to it
www.google.com is the URL for the webite called GOOGLE
by lathargic October 14, 2005
Underground Racing League, a league made up of several teams of street racers. We like planning way too long races, eating Pocky, and partying.
I am part of a team that races in the URL. We are known as the red eagles.
by The Savage Nymph Flame Dance June 17, 2011
Standing for Universal Resorce Link, meaning a website or path on the internet. Usually pronounced letter by letter, not as one syllable.
Go to Urban Dictionary, the URL is www.urbandictionary.com
by Kris18 September 17, 2006
united relationships law
also see half your age plus seven
dude! she's 17 and your 25! what about the URL???
by chomple chomple June 09, 2010
An internet address/link.
Guy A: Hey, what's that quote site's url?
Guy B: Oh, it's www.bash.org
by Em November 12, 2003

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