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The best University in Queensland, and a member of the 'Group of Eight' Universities in Australia. People hate on us because we were smart enough to get in.

The only University to go to if you're actually serious about your education. Otherwise, go to 'super TAFE' QUT.
'So where do you go to University, Megan?'
'Wow! That's amazing! And where do you go, Louise?'

*dead silence*
by xfaerie__dustx March 21, 2010
The biggest bondage sodomy club in the world. They use huge sandstone walls in order to repel the xray vision of superman or anyone else who wants to watch them giving it to each other up the ass.
!OMG, why did you leave ass fuck college UQ to go to QUT?
by johnsee and bexta September 13, 2005
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