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Un-Identified Party Injury, Mysterious injuries discovered after a a period of intoxication.
This morning, I woke up with a UPI on my leg.
by McBain February 07, 2002
a word used in instant messaging when you accidently have your right hand fingers off by one on the home row on a qwerty keyboard.


#upi #you're #your #ur #qwerty
by sirtalksalot June 05, 2009
Unidentifiable Party Injury

Upon waking from a night of partying, you find one perhaps two bumbs, bruises, scratches, or bites and are not completely certain of there origin
Partygoer#1: Wow!! What the hell happened last? I am riddled with U.P.I
#jacked up #hit #sore #injured #party foul
by JoD CoD October 14, 2008
Literally: U packin it?
to ask someone to pack paraphenalia with marijuana
yo you got weed? u.p.i?

Person A: yo u.p.i?
Person B: yo u.p.i
Person A: nah i only got a bowlsworth upi

#smoke #weed #high wayne #new jersey #pot
by Jim Wayne June 08, 2006
An indian girl who moved to the u.s.
She thinks she is ugly but in reality she is very pretty.
She likes wanna-be gangstaas and black people and likes it when people mistake her for mexican c;
Black Man- Yo dawg, who is that mexican girl?
White Man- You mean Upi? She's not mexican...shes indian
Black Man- Ahh...well she's hot
#mexian #indian #gangsta #ugly #pretty
by noahc; November 26, 2010
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