Acronym for : Under-Paid Benchers.

Under-Paid Benchers are those people who REALLY run the world... but are not given enough credit or the right/ appropriate compensation for their continuous hardships undergone for the progression of some unidentified corporate entity.
examples of UPB:

IT peeps; Network Admins; Customer Support Reps;
Waste Management peeps; Teachers; and so on....
by Bencher Santos June 10, 2008
Top Definition
An acronym standing for Ugly Pilgrim Boy. Refers to pretty much anything you think is weird, creepy, funny, etc. Can be used as an adjective or a noun.
1. He is upb

2. Ew, that's so upb of tinachan and dreachu to trace other people's drawings and then go bashing other tracers

by Dokochu and Linachan October 04, 2009
A directional move used in Super Smash Bros to achieve extra height after a double jump.
Kirby used his Up B to get back onto the level.
by Balls Kolano October 08, 2008
Standing for "Unidentified Party Bruise".
the common (but not remembered) cause for this is :
a) running into things
b) falling on your face
c) general clumsiness

These contusions are noticed most likely the morning after, with a slightly hungover expression of "huh?"
"Sh**, I totally don't remember getting this U.P.B"

"I thought you punched me in the face, but now I find out I just fell over"

"There is a huge U.P.B. on my leg"

by kittums October 25, 2008
Upper Pussy Bulge, also known a s FUPA (fat upper pussy area). That extra pouch of fat in obese chicks that hangs over their genitalia
That girl's got a nasty UPB going on.
by Ned Reierson August 28, 2011
Unprotected Butt Sex

"I broke up with him last night. I can't believe what a perv he is. We were all, like, making out and everything was great and all of a sudden I was like "ouch" what the hell are you doing? Yeah, can you believe he wanted to have UPBS!"
by Ms.Bg June 27, 2008
Short for "Yo(U) (P)oor (B)astard. Anyone who has to do anything deemed undesirable.
"I have to work all weekend."

"Sorry to hear that, UPB."


"You poor bastard."
by terajoule November 28, 2009
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