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UNCG is a 4 year University located in Greensboro, North Carolina. The University is best known for its music and education, but business and nursing are outstanding. UNCG is a great school that puts out hard-working, intelligent, and successful students. If you had a choice to go to any UNC school, pick UNCG.
I just graduated from UNCG :)
Seriously? I bet you're gonna be ballin' up the bills!
by jhnfjnsklfjiosffkljoijfmsijf,m October 22, 2011
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A University in Greensboro, North Carolina that is known for its art, music, and education programs. As a result, the majority of the students that attend UNCG are artsy, musical, or in a band. Most students go home on the weekends accept for the out-of-state students that didn't get the memo that UNCG is a suitcase campus. Most students that go to UNCG plan on transferring to a different school after 2 years.
"I moved from NY to go to UNCG."
"Wtf Why?!"
"fuck if i know"
by laura thatcher November 20, 2007
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University of North Carolina at Greensboro.

A sub-standard college that is much like community college except for 2 things. One it is called a university, and two you can live on campus.

Out of all the schools in North Carolina, UNCG is the easiest to get into. If you apply you are in and then all you have to do is pay the tution.

For most students, this school is like purgatory. You come here to wait and be transferred to a better school. Chances are you will never be transferred.

To summerize; this schools is just as bad as UNC, Duke, and ECU. If you want to go to school in North Carolina, you should consider going to NC State or UNC Charlotte.
Example 1:
Student 1: I just got into UNCG
Student 2: Yea so, I just got admitted into UNC.
Student 3: What the fuck is the big deal. You are both morons for wanting to go to those schools.

Example 2:
Orientation Leader: So why did you choose to attend UNCG?
Future Freshman: I don't know? Why did you choose UNCG?
Orientation Leader: Mmmm... I guess I wanted to go to a local college and....
Future Freshman: Shut the hell up! You just came here so you can go to a better school. Let me guess? You wnated to go to Chapel Hill or Duke and they rejected you. Fuck you and the horse you rode in on!

Example 3:
It is really a shame. All my friends are going to better schools than me. For you see, I am going to UNCG. I guess I got a shit sandwitch.
by No ID September 12, 2007
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