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*U Made a Bad Choice
*U Must Be Crazy
*U Must Be Chinese
*University of Maryland, Baltimore Construction
UMBC is a widely known sports school with an undefeated football team. We have so much school spirit that most of the time you have to buy tickets to athletic events a few weeks in advance.
UMBC is a HOT school according to News Week.
263 106
Sort of like University of Maryland without all the sports and riots.
"Where do you go to school?"


"What's that?"
by Zeei April 16, 2006
161 60
a. U Made a Bad Choice
b. A University in Maryland populated primarily by squirrels.
Why the hell did you go to UMBC?
by Brett Johnson October 08, 2003
160 88
An "honors university" in Baltimore, MD known for having a large amount of asians, brown, and black people. Frequently bashed by other schools because not only are UMBC students smarter, but they also have the best herb in the state.
UMBC? Oh you guys got that DANK shit!
by Ilikecakelotsandlots November 20, 2010
69 30
University of Maryland Bejing China or
U Must Be Chinese
Why spend all your money on a plane ride to china when you can just drive to catonsville and visit UMBC.
by dipaolo May 09, 2005
91 71
Undeniably the Most Boring College
UMBC has a record of students who fall asleep in class. 1 out of every 3 students have fallen asleep in class at least in 2 of their daily classes. UMBC everyone
by ryanCCBC June 18, 2005
109 91
you made a bad choice
you must be crazy
you must be cockblocking
you must be creepy

Just think about it if this is all you here about this school then you know that it sucks.
If you go to this school it is probably for a scholarship they gave you that was really fucking easy to get, but you just got played if you take it.
This is probably the WORST college you can go to if you want to have a real college experience, fun, or girls. There is almost no hot chicks, no one is ever on campus, the dudes cockblock in swarm, and for you ladies they also creep out in packs. However, the other guys will flock to you like you were hot because there aint nothing better around.
There is NO football team. From all sports combined we have won like one championship in the entire college history.
Your roomate may call cops on you for having alcohal (believe me).
While talking to anyone from any school in the area when you mention that you go to UMBC they will probably reply "Why?"
If you go here and you thinks its alright you are either a larping nerd or just dont realize how much better you would be in any other school.
"You go to UMBC? Sorry to hear that."
by Freeman Hrabowski December 06, 2008
101 95