It is really pathetic that so many Americans have written definitions for the UK,England etc when they don't even live here and most of them have never even been here. They use urban dictionary to argue the point that they are not stupid, fat, opionated liars etc then they say things like this 'An island of crumpet eating tea sucking whiny bastards who are jealous of the USA and its might'.

Sure, America may be a super power now but pick up a fucking history book, super powers never last forever, like the Romans, Egyptians and even the UK which used to own about the quarter of the world. America is already the most hated country in the world so be nice to the other countries if you want us to help you need it and stop banging on about saving our asses in the second world war, you only got involved cause of Pearl Harbour and stuff and less people would have died if you'd helped at the start but this is in the past so it doesn't even matter now anyway.

Anyways the UK is a group of countries and islands, the biggest being England. It is on the same line of latitude as Labrador (the place not the dog) but because of the warm sea current that i forget the name of, the climate is temperate. It is a fairly peaceful place to live and most people don't really give a fuck.

However there is an increasing epidemic of chavs which are the sub human scum of the earth and are diluting the otherwise okay population. People complain about immigrants but at least most of them work, and they don't try and fight you just cause you looked at them or something stupid like that.

Also we do not all have bad teeth, we don't all drink tea.. i don't even know how to make it.. and we are not all posh (far from it). For more information visit a tourist sight or something.

O and for the person who was banging on about Ireland... we don't hate the Irish or anything and i'm sure most British people would give Northern Island back to Ireland but it's not our choice is it fools, also they aren't totally the victims, if you look in old news you will find that the IRA blew up parts of England including the centre of Manchester killing lots of people but nobody even talks about that anymore anyways and we don't hate each others guts and we go on holidays to each others countries ffs and the IRA have said they are disarming now anyways.

Finally we're not all posh, pompous idiots either, some of the most popular TV shows here are ones that take the piss out of us like Little Britain so yes we do have a sense of humour and we don't all love the fucking queen!

Since i was born in Wales and have lived there, and now live in England and have been to Scotland many times and know people in Northern Island i think my definition is more accurate than someone from america or australia or some other far thrown place, who are fools for writing a defintion for a country they don't even know and in some cases probably couldn't even point to on a map.
People in the UK don't give a fuck
by lalala i'm not listening December 29, 2005
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A fantastic country that once ruled the world (yes, literally) and is much cooler than the USA because it is older and cleaner. Also has amazing music such as Muse and Radiohead and Biffy Clyro and Arctic Monkeys and Mumford and Sons and Marina and the Diamonds and Florence and the Machine and so much more. However, none of this amazing music ever gets in the charts for long because music charts have been hijacked by chavs and their fake RnB which actually is badly disguised pop (see JLS). However, amazing venues still exist across the UK, the best including the Hammersmith Apollo, the Brixton Acadamy, The O2 Arena and many, many more. Even Wembley Arena has its merits, despite their 'confiscating staplers at Arctic Monkeys concerts' policy and the fact that I was hit on the head by a condom-balloon there.

Also very prevalent in the UK is clever people. Many students learn Latin and are teased mercilessly about it and amazingly avoid being 'binned' by jealous chavs.
The UK is incredible, and should be worshipped by all those people in the USA who think they're bigger than us.
by GothicDuck April 22, 2010
UK is short for the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The UK is a country consisting of different parts that used to be seperate countries. Some people count these as still being different countries because some laws are different (and also a few people just think 'they have different names so they're different countries') The UK has one currency, one government, and one 'normal' language (the majority of people don't speak Welsh, Scots, Gaelic, or anything, and those who do all speak English as well). The UK is a part of the continent Europe. Some people talk about 'Europe' as if the UK isn't part of it. What they actually mean is mainland Europe.

(In alphabetical order because we shouldn't assume any parts are more important than others)
In the British Isles:
Northern Ireland
Republic of Ireland
some other little islands

Great Britain (shortened to Britain):
maybe some of the little islands?

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (UK):
Northern Ireland
probably some of the little islands
UK, United Kingdom, and United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland are all interchangable. Britain and Great Britain are interchangable. The Republic of Ireland and ROI are interchangable. Ireland is as well but can also be used to mean the piece of land containing Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. Apart from these, all the other words mean different things. UK, Britain, and England do NOT mean the same thing.

There should not be a stereotype for British or English people or people from the UK (come to think of it, there shouldn't be any stereotypes at all anywhere).

*People from the UK are not all posh.
*Like in any country, there are lots of different accents. So if you hear weird accents on TV, don't assume that's how everone sounds.
*Not everyone likes tea.
*Not everyone likes the Royal family.
*Some people like Americans, some hate them, and some really don't care.
*Most young people find the idea of eating oatmeal soaked in blood (black pudding) completely disgusting.
*There are some Scottish people out there who think eating yucky bits of sheep (haggis) is disgusting.
*Not everyone likes football. Football is the same as soccer is in America, and rugby is either the same as or just a similar idea to American Football (because originally there was AsSOCCiation FOOTBALL, and RUGBY FOOTBALL. We just chose to shorten them in different ways.)

I'm not going to list everything, because I can't be bothered, and anyway you get the picture.
by Goldfish United March 03, 2010
Acronym: United Kingdom - The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Home to 58 million people. Capital city is London. Includes the countries England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The U.K. came into existence in 1606 after the Act of Union was passed. The U.K. flag looks like it does as it is a combination of the Scottish Saltire and the English St. George's Cross.
I live in Scotland, which is in the U.K. but has it's own parliament.
by brendan July 12, 2004
not only stands for United Kingdom but also means you know in text.
example 1

girl: so where are you from??

boy: the UK

girl: what is the UK?

boy: the United Kingdom

girl: oh thats so sexy

example 2

girl's text: what is up

boy's text: in my rooom all alone

girl's tex: that is so sexy

boy's text: uk it
by hipeeps June 20, 2010
A soveriegn state, not a country. It is made up of England and Scotland (which are countries), Wales (a principality) and Northern Ireland (a province). Ireland doesnt exist, there are only the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. Britain is not the same thing; it's real name is Great Britain, and it's the island on which Wales, England and Scotland are found. When King James inherited the English crown, which already owned that of Wales, Great Britain became a monarchy, hence the british empire-not the empire of the UK. The union jack is not the flag of Great Britain, it is a modified version which encorporates Northern Ireland, making it the flag of the UK.
the uk isnt a fucking country
by Robert Paulson. May 23, 2010
It isn't the U.K i live in!!! it's fucking England! Why dus evry1 and all sites say U.K, its fuckin England!
"so you live in the U.K?"

"No! England! ass face!"

*gets stabbed in eye*
by Rube July 07, 2005
wow, looky, we invented the english language, fancy that.
uk aint all that bad, we just invented tv, phones, actually at one point we owned much of the world, no figuratively, litterally.

come to think of it. we did a lot more that some.
by i want my face blurred January 17, 2007

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