short for "you know" similar to ik(i know)
guy1: remember that skank at the store last week? uk the one i mean

guy2: it was yesterday. XP
by emuluver July 10, 2008
Cool country....shit leader...
Oh....lets thank America for WW2..yes you helped us..what about the French Resistance, helped in D-Day...The Poles..The Canadians...The Russians..hence the word allies...why dont you check what happened to US forces when they invaded Italy...oh dear. Our forces defeated mean task.
I have nothing against the USA...but saying stuff like that rips the piss.
Also your P51 was only made the fighter it was by the Merlin Engine...
We where allies...The french..Russians the one country won the war...we all did.
by Anonymous September 16, 2003
The UK is made up of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.
Suprisingly, London is not the only city here.
Most people don't really like the Royals much.
Unfortunate it it's location near the French.
Most of its poplutation are decent, reasonable people who are NOT posh.
However, some of its people bitch about immigrants, but those are stupid people. Other stupid people bitch about losing our empire, as if enslaving millions and stealing natural resources was somehow good.
It is NOT culturally the same as the USA, not even close.

On the whole, I'd say it's about the best place you could live.
People from the USA couldn't define the UK properly to save their fucking lives.
by Liastd December 24, 2006
A little bitch from Sweden.
"UK sure is pouty."
"Thats cause he's a little bitch."
by Ran Dazz February 20, 2008
Where wiggers in America migrated once the punk rockers kicked their asses, they soon adopted burberry baseball hats and became known as chavs.

The native inhabitants of this poor chain of islands have attempted to drive back these invaders, but to no avail. Soon rock will be driven completely off their charts as well.
Wigger 1: Hey yo Nate dawg lets roll on over to the UK, I heard they have some Burberry hats that are off the hizzie!

Nate Dawg: Hellz ya my nigga! Lemme call my bitches and hoes and ill be right over!
by Kyle112 September 22, 2007
The UK is short for United Kingdom. The UK and the USA are great friends. The UK has a Queen that all citizens of the USA think highly of. The UK also had a Princess Diane, Princess Diane had questionable morals and some think Prince Charles made a bad mistake, we all hope that the offsprings turn out ok. The USA and the UK are fighting terrorism together. Tony Blair is the prime minister of the UK and displays much courage. The UK had a great leader during WWII, Winston Churchill he too displayed much courage.
The UK and the USA have much in common.
by takethathill August 20, 2006
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