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U.G.O is short for U Got Owned. It may be used in video games, mostly multiplayer ones.
*After getting a headshot* "Oh! UGO!"
by DickKnuckles April 28, 2008
Irresistable. He is attractive by the way he shows confidence. He's mysterious, doesn't open up quickly. He'll let you discover him little by little. Someone that is down to earth. Loves nature. Bold. Yet has a sweetness and an incredible fun and playfull side. His wall is up. Acts unavailable... yet its just a front he puts up. If you can see past his reserved nature - you find a kind hearted guy that's just afraid of finding love again in fear of getting hurt.

*Let his heart find its way to yours ;)
Ugo! Jle comprends pas! ;)
by Jolie D. ;) haha February 05, 2010
N. (Ugg-Oh)

A person who is of overwhelming ugliness. An Uggo is normally also stupid, but it is not vital.
One : Whoa, that guy's head is all weird lookin'!
Two : Yeah, what a total Ugo!
Avril Lavinge is the queen of ugo.
by scaryperon... October 08, 2003
Its is a term used to describe specifically girls aged 14-18, its is calling them ugly in an extremely comic fashion. But most of the time they dont understand what it meens.
Nat: Yeh that ginger girls a right Ugo
Chris: Ugo?
Ginger girl: whats that?
Chris: I dunno Nat said it.
Nat:errr...umm everyone with a fanny's gotto leave now
by Luke Harris August 07, 2006
n. a word to describe someone as really ugly.
someone: you bitch
you: you slut
someone: you hobag
you: ugo!!
by ryan and kat August 10, 2005
A beautiful loving person. The sexiest girl you will ever meet.
Is thet Ugo
by princessjune April 27, 2011
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