A chilean conservative and absolutely pathetic political party which tries to promote anachronical values related to catholicism and oligarchy.
Their constant attempts to launch the political career of one of their most representative morons (Joaquin Lavin) will never reach their goal of obtaining the presidential seat. Before that, all the community will have moved.
Members of UDI like Joaquín Lavín and Pablo Longeira should have been sat upon pikes. Others, like Jovino Novoa, widely known as a child abusive raper, will pay for their crimes.
by UDI chilean hater March 02, 2004
You did it, and interjection yelled to blame someone else for an action done
Tom: "Why is the toaster on the floor?"
Bob: *looks at Joe... points and shouts "UDI!"*
Joe: "What did I do?"

by Samantha P. February 12, 2008
Unidentified Disco Injury
"I was just sort of dancing, and the next day i had this pain"

"Maybe i shouldn't try and breakdance any more"
by 20jazzfunkgreats.blogspot.com February 14, 2005
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