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Having someone come along for a ride in order to use the carpool lane. Only for the purpose of getting to the destination faster, not companionship.
Yeah I had to get to school fast because I was late so I used John as seat meat.
by rockntubakid April 26, 2010
When a person steals your rightful, assigned, or favorite seat.
Wow! Dude, get out of my favorite chair, you Rosa Parked me!
by rockntubakid January 06, 2010
(Slang) derivative: is a measure of how a function changes as its input changes.
Guy 1: I hate calculus!
Guy 2: I hate solving the dervadervs!
by rockntubakid January 01, 2011
A U-Turn (pronounced you-dee)
I missed the house so I made a udy.
by rockntubakid December 25, 2009

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