football team fo somebody who does not play at all
so they are UNDER THE BENCH
yo you suck so bad your UDB

damn coach just UDB you
by bigdawg4699 June 05, 2009
Top Definition
U dumb bitch.
Nobody wants your boo UDB.
by YASSUDB August 08, 2011
U.D.B - Unidentified Drunk Bruises. Waking up with bruises after a drunken stupor. Also Known As - Blacked Out and Blue
I woke up this morning with a serious case of U.D.B and can't believe the pain!
by JuJuTanTan July 29, 2009
UDB stands for urban dictionary bitch. A person who doesn't let words onto urban dictionary because they are wankers. Case closed.
"Wow my word wasn't accepted those people are such a UDB"
"Why didn't you accept my word your an F***** UDB"
by Amazinggobstopper July 12, 2014
Uncessary douche baggery. Being an ass hole for no reason.
UDB on the offense. 20 yards. First down.
by Timmeh G. July 29, 2011
You Duh Bae
Here, you can copy my homework
Thanks bro UDB
by themfucktards March 30, 2015
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