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1. Unballer Status
2. People not worthy of hanging out with.
3. Dilapidated conditions; as in housing.
4. A tool.
"He is a UBS piece of shit."

"This apartment is the most UBS place I've ever lived in."

"Where did he go?" "I don't know - UBSville?"
by CBSville April 03, 2009
Under Boob Sweat
Bro, I was playing golf with my buddies and my UBS was out of control.
by sack2thenut May 30, 2013
Ugly Boy Syndrome. This disorder commonly occurs within beautiful or more than pretty females who do not understand how they rank in comparison to their counterpart. In other words, above average girls with noticeably below average guys.
Guy #1: What is that girl doing with that guy?
Guy #2 : Oh, she has UBS.
by s****oooh April 19, 2011
Uppity Bitch syndrome, a common issue among women who just can't get over that time of the month.
woman-You idiot I asked for a white mocha not a mocha
man- well someones ubs is flaring.
by Wraithen November 14, 2010
Unwanted Boner Synonym.
When men get boners when not wanted, or doing a bad time.
I was playing video games today with my friend when i got a boner. Talk about UBS.
by UBS MAN January 07, 2010
Acronym for: Ultra Bean Sauce

often found in super cafe's that serve exotic beans
"Oh Man! i spilt my UBS..."

"Do you want UBS on that?"
by Collins92 July 22, 2008
The shortened version of uber. Used when feeling extremely lazy, but still need to get the point across.
Hey, last night you banged Sally, I heard you came ubs fast. Poor Sally.
by insectasaurus March 29, 2009

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