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The University of British Columbia, A.K.A. UBC, is perhaps in many terms the second best university in Canada. It is located in, of course, British Columbia.
Visit the website: www.ubc.ca
I plan to go to UBC. (The University of British Columbia.)
by Julie.t. December 29, 2008
1. University of British Columbia a.k.a University of Billion Chinese a.k.a University of Beautiful Chicks a.k.a University of Booze and Cannabis.

2. The Berkley of Canada, and one of the top 40 universities in the world. A fact which no one outside of academia is really aware of. Usually perceived by Canadians as being among the top three universities in the country. (U of Toronto, Mcgill are the other two).

3. The university with the most beautiful campus in Canada.
" I attend University of British Columbia" - Canadian

" Is that a good school?"- American
by America.who.lives.in.Canada December 29, 2010