an uncircumsized penis ewww
my friend whose name i wont mention has a ucp and likes to show it off and he has a dog named sparky
by shred December 03, 2004
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Up Close, and Personal.

1. A succinct description of moves where partners are close to each other. Can allude to engaging in some hanky panky or various romantic, sexual activities.

2. To get into a fight, confrontation with someone.
Hey babe, you're so hot can I get some U.C.P. with you?
Yvonne, thank you for the U.C.P. yesterday night, god, your vagina sure tastes sweet.

Gary: Those two were breathing down their backs last week.
Mick: Yeah, they got U.C.P., didn't they?
by Prudent Gust September 24, 2006
Ultra Cool Person
A: Man I hate Mr. Awojobi and his stupid maths.
B: OMGWTF is wrong with you? hes such a UCP with his jokes.
by PACMAN ATTACK May 14, 2009

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